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I’m glad to find images of my paper cut-out from 2005 “Coming Straight from the Boondox” featured in Päivikki Kallio’s excellent article “New Strategies” published in “Printmaking in the Expanded Field” (2017) – a collection of texts edited by Jan Pettersson which concludes the seminar with the same name held at Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2015.
If you are interested in printmaking theory and contemporary artists working with printed matter I suggest you get the book from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (pitef(at) It is a good read (as you can judge from the pink markers)!

Minna Suoniemi: Still from video "Metropolis", 2017; Photo: Minna Suoniemi
Minna Suoniemi: Still from video “Metropolis”, 2017; Photo: Minna Suoniemi

“Shadows of Tomorrow” Galleria Huuto @ HilbertRaum, 30.9. – 8.10.2017

with Mikko Kallio, Pasi Mälkiä, Minna Suoniemi, Tatu Tuominen and Marja Viitahuhta

Opening on Friday 29th September 6 – 10 pm. Welcome!

HilbertRaum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin

How do we imagine the future in an era of globalization of media, arrival of climate change and prolonged conflicts? How can the city function as a place for non-commercial activity or as material for visual play? How do recognisable forms and stories get constructed, torn apart and re-imagined in collage, montage, text and sculpture?

Shadows of Tomorrow is a group exhibition by five artists from Galleria Huuto, Helsinki, Finland. The works in the exhibition are videos, collages and sculptures. They refer to other works, other materials, other entities, other images. They are formations of personal notions and imaginations of what could be, they merge together materials that initially may seem unfit. In comparison to a single coherent illusory image, hybridising seemingly unrelated elements appears as a suitable way to represent the uncharted future.

Shadows of Tomorrow  is also a part of an artist-run exchange project and collaboration between Galleria Huuto, Helsinki and HilbertRaum, Berlin as well as a counterpart to an exhibition ”No Net Working” held in Galleria Huuto last May by artists David Benforado, Kuno Ebert, Hannah van Ginkel, Daniel Wiesenfeld and Clemens Wilhelm.

This exchange strengthens and broadens networks of artists between Finland and Germany and functions as a platform for sharing experiences of managing artist-run and non-profit galleries showcasing contemporary art in its various forms.


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Galleria Huuto

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Mikko Kallio 

Pasi Mälkiä

Minna Suoniemi

Tatu Tuominen

Marja Viitahuhta

“Shadows of Tomorrow” Galleria Huuto @ HilbertRaum, 30.9. – 8.10.20177

Mikko Kallio, Pasi Mälkiä, Minna Suoniemi, Tatu Tuominen ja Marja Viitahuhta

Avajaiset perjantaina 29.9. klo 18 – 22. Tervetuloa!

HilbertRaum, Reuterstr. 31, 12047 Berlin

Millaiseksi kuvittelemme tulevaisuuden aikana, jota määrittävät median globalisoituminen, ilmastonmuutos ja pitkittyneet konfliktit? Miten kaupunki voi toimia epäkaupallisena tilana tai visuaalisen leikin materiaalina? Miten tarinoita tai muotoja voi koota, hajottaa ja kuvitella uudestaan kollaasin, montaasin, tekstin ja kuvanveiston keinoin?

Shadows of Tomorrow on viiden Galleria Huudon jäsentaiteilijan yhteisnäyttely, jossa on esillä videoita, kollaaseja ja veistoksia. Teokset viittaavat toisiin teoksiin, materiaaleihin, kokonaisuuksiin ja kuviin. Teokset ovat muotoutumia henkilökohtaisista havainnoista ja kuvitelmista, sekä yhteensulautumia aineksista, jotka saattavat ensin vaikuttaa eriparisilta. Näennäisen yhteensopimattomien osien liittäminen toisiinsa näyttäytyy parempana keinona kuvata kartoittamatonta tulevaisuutta kuin yksittäinen, koherentti, illusorinen kuva.

Shadows of Tomorrow on helsinkiläisen Galleria Huudon ja berliiniläisen HilbertRaumin välinen yhteistyö ja vastapari näyttelylle ”No Net Working”, joka pidettiin Galleria Huudossa viime toukokuussa. Näyttelyssä oli esillä David Benforadon, Kuno Ebertin, Hannah van Ginkelin, Daniel Wiesenfeldin ja Clemens Wilhelmin teoksia.

Näyttelyvaihto vahvistaa ja laajentaa suomalaisten ja saksalaisten taiteilijoiden välisiä verkostoja. Samalla se toimii keskustelualustana, jonka avulla voidaan jakaa tietoa, kokemuksia ja ajatuksia liittyen taiteilijavetoisten ja voittoa tavoittelemattomien taidetilojen ylläpitoon sekä monimuotoisen ja ajankohtaisen nykytaiteen esilletuomiseen.

"Standing in the Ruins"
“Standing in the Ruins”

Tatu Tuominen: “Glass and Steel” will open Saturday June 17th 2017 as a part of Porvoo Triennial. Welcome!

Cafe Rongo, Rauhankatu 33, Porvoo


Read more about Porvoo Triennial

In Porvoo Triennal Tatu Tuominen presents his collage series “Studying Modern Architecture with a Knife” and video installation “Standing in the Ruins”. The work deals with issues of modernist architecture and the ideals of living – and how modern architecture is presented in photography: as perfect, complete and without any human presence.
The collage series is made by cutting and gluing pages of architecture books. The video is made by shooting paper scrap, the by-product of the collage series. By reorganizing the mismatched cut-outs Tuominen makes new representations of architecture, new meanings and images of cities that could have been.




I’m very happy to have my work featured in the exhibition and artists’ book “Metropolis & Invisible Cities” at Contellation Studios; Lincoln, Nebraska, USA


October 21 – December 21, 2016

You are welcome this Friday, October 21, 6 – 8 pm  for the opening reception of the book arts exhibition: Metropolis & Invisible Cities.

“Over 200 artists from across the USA and the globe have contributed a folio page to construct a new leporello book inspired by Invisible Cities, the novel by Italo Calvino. Additional artists books will be included.

Metropolis is a handmade book venture in a spectrum of printmaking processed by artists from around the world, created in 2014, including two from Constellation Studios. The theme speaks to the broad contemporary urban experience and extends to the idea of the network of communication possible today. This book has been shown throughout Europe, in Brazil and Washington DC, and now premiering in the mid-west!”

Click here for more info

Constellation Studios, 2055 “O” Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68510


Kasvu_kutsuKlikkaa tästä lisäinfoa

Welcome to see the show Arkkitehtuuriopintoja veitsellä leikaten at Galleria Bokvillan in Helsinki 10.8. – 31.8.2014.

More info

ARTISTS 2012. The 117th Finnish Artists’ exhibition at Taidehalli, Helsinki

1. December – 6. January, at Taidehalli, Helsinki

Listen to the artist! The 117th annual exhibition of the Artists’ Association of Finland gives the floor to 57 artists whose new works comment on the human condition with subtle humour. What kind of a world do we live in today?

Among others, Tatu Tuominen’s work is also on Display.

More info

Watch a video of Tatu Tuominen and Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen talking about their piece Museum of Oblivion. The four piece mixed-media diorama is on display at Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum Helsinki in Reality Bites exhibition.

Click here to see the video

Welcome to the exhibition Reality Bites – Document in Contemporary Art at Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in Helsinki 2.11.2012 – 10.3.2013.
Museum of Oblivion, a collaborative work of Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen and Tatu Tuominen will be on display in the exhibition.

Occupying three entire floors of the museum, the exhibition explores the use of documentarism in contemporary art.

Museum of Oblivion (I-IV)

Here are some photos of the preparations for my upcoming solo exhibition Unelma kaupungista (Vision of a City) in Galleria Aarni. The show will open August 17th 2012. Welcome!

Cutting paper
Cutting paper

Lighting arsenal
Lighting arsenal

More paper
More paper

Here’s the painting I did for Mänttä Art Festival curated by Ilona Valkonen with a clear vision. The show is called Löytäjä saa pitää (Finder’s Keepers) and it’s definitely worth visiting. It’s on until 31.8.2012. Click on the images to see the whole piece.

Path, 2012
Click to enlarge
Path, 2012
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Path, 2012
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Photos: Heikki Vesterinen and Tatu Tuominen, 2012

Thanks to Miko, Risto and Tiina for the help!

Preparing for Mänttä Art Festival.

Detail of a painting
Detail of a painting, Photo: Tatu Tuominen, 2012
Action, Photo: Heikki Vesterinen, 2012
Helsinki Art Museum Meilahti

The exhibition showcases new acquisitions of the Helsinki Art Museum from 2007 to 2011. Over 50 works from 24 artists.

Welcome to my show Vierain silmin – With Strange Eyes in the Studio of The Lönnström Art Museum in Rauma, Finland. The show is running from November 16th until December 11th 2011. There you can find a large collection of my recent works.

Here are some installation photographs of mine and Shoji Kato’s Castles of Memory -exhibition which is up and running until October 25th in GalleriaKONE, Hämeenlinna.

Photos by Shoji Kato.

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Right now I’m preparing for a duo exhibition entitled Castles of Memory – Muistin linnakkeet with Shoji Kato at GalleriaKONE in Hämeenlinna. The show will feature our new body of works from October 1st to October 23rd, 2011. You are all most welcome to the opening reception with the presence of the artists on 30th of September from 6-8pm.

Click on the invitation

Tatu Tuominen‘s and Tuomas Laitinen‘s Museum of Oblivion -exhibition at Art + Shanghai has come to an end. Below there’s a few of many reviews covering the show.

Click on the images and zoom in to see the reviews in large format

Under Works section you can find images of Museum of Oblivion which is currently being exhibited in Art + Shanghai Gallery in Shanghai, China.

Museum of Oblivion (I–IV), 2011.

Museum of Oblivion

Series of four dioramas in collaboration with Tuomas Laitinen titled Museum of Oblivion .  The work will be exhibited in January-March 2011 at Art+Shanghai gallery, Shanghai, China.