excerpt from the video “Standing in the Ruins”, 2015

The video work “Standing in the Ruins” is made of cut pages of architecture books. It deals with issues of modernist architecture, the medium of collage and “death of print”.

(Tatu Tuominen: “Standing in the Ruins”, 2015, HD-video, 16:9, duration: 3:19)

Video documentation of “For Man, His Needs and His Comfort” / “Ihmistä ja hänen tarpeitaan ja mukavuuttaan varten”, 2012, cut paper – spotlight installation, 192 x 180 cm
From the exhibition “Vision of a City” at Galleria Aarni, Weegee Exhibition Centre, Espoo, Finland
Video by Tero Juuti, 2012

An animated video documenting the process of painting “Ida, Miko and Tuomas Playing Records”, 2005
Video by Pablo Saavedra Junge, 2005