Visual Artist

An excerpt from the video Left Behind (2018)

This video is made from paper scrap, the left overs of a collage series “On The Future of Architecture Since 1889”.

Videoinstallation, HD-video, duration 4:46
Directing, editing and stage design: Tatu Tuominen
Cinematography, color grading and postproduction: Janne Laiho
Music: Tatu Tuominen
Mixing of score music: Mikko Tontti, 42-Sound

An excerpt from the video Standing in the Ruins (2015)

The video work “Standing in the Ruins” is made of cut pages of architecture books. It deals with issues of modernist architecture, the medium of collage and “death of print”.

(Tatu Tuominen: “Standing in the Ruins”, 2015, HD-video, 16:9, duration: 3:19)

Trackside Treasure (2023)

A video documenting the process of making Trackside Treasure a commisioned public artwork that was published in the city of Lahti in 2023,

Artwork: Trackside Treasure
Artist: Tatu Tuominen
Year of completion: 2023
Technique: etched concrete
Size: variable
Description: A five piece commissioned public artwork on the facade of a building
Address: Jaksonkatu 1–9, Lahti, Finland

Art coordination: Upeart
Clients: Lahden talot Oy & Ta-asumisoikeus Oy

Video production: Ilkka Vuorinen, 2023