Visual Artist
"Standing in the Ruins"
“Standing in the Ruins”

Tatu Tuominen: “Glass and Steel” will open Saturday June 17th 2017 as a part of Porvoo Triennial. Welcome!

Cafe Rongo, Rauhankatu 33, Porvoo


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In Porvoo Triennal Tatu Tuominen presents his collage series “Studying Modern Architecture with a Knife” and video installation “Standing in the Ruins”. The work deals with issues of modernist architecture and the ideals of living – and how modern architecture is presented in photography: as perfect, complete and without any human presence.
The collage series is made by cutting and gluing pages of architecture books. The video is made by shooting paper scrap, the by-product of the collage series. By reorganizing the mismatched cut-outs Tuominen makes new representations of architecture, new meanings and images of cities that could have been.